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Solutions-World Problems
God's World News Solutions Blog
Tuesday, 27 November 2007
Solution to Pollutions and Global Warming
Topic: Solutions-World Problems
Subject:   Solution to Climate Change
The solution to climate change-global warming is the solution to stop pollution.  Slowing down climate change and pollution is not a solution, it is a delay. There is a solution that is guaranteed to succeed.
Employment is not the goal, retirement is.  We are going the wrong way.  If we turn to a retirement lifestyle of making a garden paradise with edible landscaping and useful pets, of goats, sheep, cattle and chickens we can save our world and bring peace, joy, good health and family unity into our lives.  Foods would not need to be processed, packaged and transported.  That is a big change.  We will work on our own property with our family and extended family. The multitudes of people that would plant useful vegetation including fruit and nut trees would make a quick work of adding trees and greenery to our environment.
Retirement - garden paradise- ifestyles solves many world problems.
Employment creates problems.
Retirement gardens solve:  Global Warming, Energy Crisis, Pollutions, Wars, Poverty,  Social Security, Health Care, Famine, Border Disputes, and they are a ready resource if disaster strikes.  It is fair and equal for all.  It makes it easy to take in those who have not.
Leviticus 26 God promises "rain in due season ... and land shall yield its increase" for those who choose His simple ways.
     Holidays are celebrated for the family gathering together with an abundance of food.  We can have that all year long.
     We are going the wrong way and it is easier to go the right way ... to the retired lifestyle of edible landscaping and useful pets ...
not  a poverty lifestyle but designed by each of us to be a beautiful place, a delight to look at, for you, God and your neighbor.
God Bless You,

Marie Devine   3023 Montgall Av  Kansas City,   MO 64128  USA


For The Divine Way =


Posted by marie.devine at 1:54 PM CST
Updated: Tuesday, 27 November 2007 3:38 PM CST

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