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Many of our laws are unconstitutional and against the First Amendment rights of religion. 


The United States has repeatedly made laws that violate that freedom:



Many of our laws are unconstitutional and against the First Amendment rights of religion. 

The United States has repeatedly made laws that violate that freedom:


Our laws reject God's commanded days of no work (Sabbaths) in multitudes of religions that are told to follow the word of God in the Bible. 

They imposed holidays established by the Catholic Church which rejected God's word and commands through the children of Israel - recorded in the Bible. (Sabbaths)  Leviticus 23, Exodus 12


Our laws established the calendar contrary to God’s word, but went according to the Catholic Religion to the exclusion of God’s commands in the Bible. 


Other laws that require believer in God to pay taxes and in other ways support anti-God laws are:


Abortion  .. God’s law is "the life is in the blood," we cannot kill our children in the womb.  Many children are a blessing when we live as a garden paradise lifestyle instead enslaved to employment and education with its increasing costs.


Gay Rights ..  It forces us to rent to, hire, endorse an unholy lifestyle and teach our children that is acceptable.   God commands us to fight against indecency, immorality with grave consequences if we do not.


Military System ..  We pay to support military even when no war.  We post military in other nations, making agreements to protect them.  God forbids joining to other nations by agreements for protection, provisions etc.  All nations are promised protection from God if they follow His ways given to their prophets.  This violates many of God’s laws requiring Him to step aside and leave us without His help.


Joined United Nations, NATO, Quartet, etc.:  Forbidden to join other nations in agreement.  It draws us into conflicts we would not have. We have revived the Roman Empire model of sanctions and protections and more laws.  Olympics, sports and youth clubs refocus the youth to paganism, our unproclaimed national religion and our taxes encourage and support them.  (1Maccabees)


God is against nations joining together for protection, provision and control etc.;

He frustrates, confuses and destroys their plans (G-8, G-20, UN, EU, NATO, Quartet)

(Psalm 1 and 2, II Chronicles 16:7-12; 19:2; 20:35-37; Leviticus 26, Isaiah 8:9-14; 30:1-7)


Prison System…  Takes large sums of money to house lawbreakers unnecessarily; there is no restoration to the offended party.  God’s way is more just.


Education System…  We are commanded to teach our children at home.  Our children are being taught many things against God’s word.  It is enslaving the children to 12 years of “education” away from the family where they could learn to interact with family and community.  Children without “education” in poor countries are wiser in ways of everyday life.  It separates the children from the family making raising food and caring for animals more difficult, impoverishing many older folks.


Health Care System  ..  Requiring insurance, when God commands us to live by faith.

Requiring medication and treatment under threat of losing parental rights for faithful believers.


We are commanded to restore God’s ways, not support ungodly ways.  We are commanded to love and honor God with all our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  It is our security and our provision, our peace and our joy,  


There is one Supreme God according to all holy books acknowledged as from God.


In 1830s God revealed that He spoke to all nations and commanded them to write and it would be found to be the same. (2 Nephi 29)  Christians, Muslims and Jews are all commanded to live by every word out of the mouth of God.  Oriental religions are commanded to live by God’s law or verified scripture including Puranas, the Bible is one.


Over 90% of people in America believe in “God” or “Higher Power”


Religion is life lived with rules and boundaries set by God for our protection, with rewards for obedience and rebuke, chastisement, wrath and destruction for rejecting His word and Hell for those who reject, and Heaven for those who follow His word in truth.  Most of God's wisdom and commandments are secular wisdom to show us how to live on this planet without destroying it or ourselves.


This is a security and prosperity issue.  It is an application for future “housing” and inheritance rewards; and an employment application for position in the Kingdom of God here and after the resurrection. 


Jesus comes “at the time of restoration of all God spoke by all the holy prophets”  Acts 3:19-21.  WE  must call for restoring God’s wisdom for our nation.  In all ways, God has made a way of escape; it is called faith and faithfulness.



God has solutions to world problems we created by ignoring His wisdom.

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